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Throughout the years, Almelouk Co. has exemplified quality in all the ingredients used to formulate its products.

Almelouk Co.s early challenges have led to the development of not only the most unique variety of products in the region, but also a standard for quality second to none. With our products, we believe that we are able to intertwine with movements across the globe that advocate the conservation of our natural resources and maintain the delicate balance of nature.

Almelouk Co. provides the highest quality for herbs, seeds and spices.

Our efforts toward achieving this goal are reflected in the superior quality of our products, fast turnaround times, and high level of customer service and support.

The end result of years of hard working was the purest, most powerful spice extracts made from the purest ingredients free from pesticides, chemicals, and solvents.

Our product formulation are are highly nourishing and naturally powerful.